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About the
Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards

The Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards were first inspired by the extraordinary marketing campaigns that brands and their custodians created, against all odds, during the pandemic.

Now, as the world opens up again and consumers venture out, brands’ ability to stay in sync with changing mindsets is being tested once more.

Through these Awards, we’ll explore every year how well brands, marketers and their agency partners have leveraged different media channels, digital and traditional, to create campaigns that have made a powerful impact on their target groups.


Though digital media continues to be many marketers’ favorite new playground, the Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards are media-agnostic and will felicitate work across media channels

The Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards are back for 2022 to recognize the phenomenal work of marketing practitioners around the country.  These awards not only bring recognition but shed light on the issues that matter.

The 2022 awards shall be a red-carpet, black-tie event to celebrate marketing excellence for the projects, campaigns executed in 2022.

2022 UMEAwardS Jury

2021 winner's list

Talent Africa shows off their 4 Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards

Eligibility criteria

2021 winners were awarded based on talent, innovation, creativity and the ability to make a genuine difference to achieve tangible results and offer workable solutions to customer challenges.

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